Mangoes Margarita

*Disclaimer* From looking at this post after finishing writing, I hope I’m not too TMI here… but figured there might be other people out there who are like me and can relate/have any advice on OAB! First — does anyone watch the Voice? I just tuned into this season for the first time last night, […]

Saturday really felt like fall. The day started off just like last Saturday – torrential rain! If it needs to rain on the weekend, I don’t mind, as long as it ends before I’m feeling productive…allows for lazy, guilt-free mornings Thankfully the weather gods were listening to my wishes, and right around 1pm the rain […]

Over the weekend I came across the below post on Instagram… I am a sucker for before/after testimonials, and after looking at these pictures, I wanted to remove my blackheads, too! I realized I had both baking soda and lemon juice lying around, so this would be an easy Sunday AM experiment. I think that’s […]

In case you’re not up to speed…here’s the first two posts on our anniversary weekend! Day 1 Day 2 We woke up to another beautiful day on our anniversary! My mom & dad had left early early early to head back to DC, so my mom could catch a flight up to Massachusetts (we were […]

Matt & I live on a 5th floor walk-up. I am sure friends and fam who have visited us don’t easily forget this fact, and it is something I dread every day on my walk home from work. It’s not usually until that last flight up that you’re reminded just how much it stinks to […]