Mangoes Margarita
07. 29. 2014

Whoo I’ll keep this short & sweet – I’m jumping back into blogging! I wasn’t sure what period of time required me to put it out that there that I was writing again, but I figured it was any time after my mom and sister started asking “what happened to that blog?” So here’s my […]

Whoopsies I haven’t been posting on here as much as I would like… April is such a busy month but I’m determined to catch myself up! First step… finish our honeymoon diaries that I’ve meant to finish since October!! Soo…onto day 3. We started our third morning with breakfast on the patio as usual This […]

We woke up to day 2 of our honeymoon ready to roll. We deemed this as our ‘beach day’, so it wasn’t too difficult to wake up knowing it was to relax near the water. Since we were staying at a B&B, breakfast was obviously included. Usually I’ve been disappointed by what breakfast means at […]

I’m starting a “Honeymoon Series”, because Matt & I meant to journal our trip when we were in Italy. That clearly didn’t happen, but better late than never!   The day after our wedding, Matt & I got a ride from the hotel to my house with my dad, since my mom was already there […]

04. 02. 2014

Good morning, friends! I made a delicious breakfast smoothie this morning that I want to share the recipe, but first a recap of last night!     As previously mentioned, yesterday was Matt’s & my 4 year dating anniversary!┬áTo celebrate, we headed to the Top of the Rock. It doubled as our April date of […]